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Next Steps Are Underway....latest facebook post

Hi everyone on the back of the recent news report we want to still ensure that parents and carers know that we are here as a group to offer support to them. We know that support and counselling for young people is still falling short and we will be uploading info on how we want to continue campaigning for this to be changed and for greater funding and a restructure into how mental health support for young children is offered. We have always said CAMHS is not the answer for everyone.

With this in mind we want this page to be a safe space for parents to freely discuss their concerns and support each other. At the beginning we had lots of adults give advice on what was working for to open that line of communication with their child.

We will be removing all children and young people from this page to allow this conversation to happen but we are looking at a way of creating a safe supported page for them but as you can imagine this needs to be carefully considered.

We welcome your comments on the above.

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